Privacy Policy


We welcome your feedback/enquiries. Should the detail information you require is not yet available in this portal, your request will be forwarded to the relevant agencies.


Cookies produced by the web server will only be used to collect information to identify your future browsing.

The Official WEB PORTAL USAS utilises non-persistent cookies or per-session cookies for technical purposes only such as for the ‘language selection’. These cookies will not record data permanently nor will it save the data into your hard drive. It will immediately be deleted as soon as you leave this Portal.

What will happen if I click on the hyperlink to other websites?

The Official WEB PORTAL USAS has hyperlinks to other Government and non-Government agencies websites. This privacy policy is only applicable to this portal only. The websites that are hyperlinked from this portal might have their own privacy policy and visitors are advised to examine and understand the policy of each website that they are browsing.

Policy Amendments

If this privacy policy is amended, the amendments will be updated on this page. By visiting this page frequently, you will be updated with the kind of information collected, the way it is used and in certain circumstances, how the information is shared with other parties.

Enquiry or Complaint

Should you have any enquiry or complaint regarding the portal or the privacy policy, you may contact us via the feedback section provided in this portal.